Sunday, March 28, 2010


hey guys bad news:( i lost my lyric book so i cant post any other songs until i find it so just sit tight and wish me luck finding it:/

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ear splitting silence

I dont remember how i was inspired to write this song but its a pretty good one. (btw im not putting the guitar parts with my songs anymore cuz its just too much work and im lazyX))

Ear splitting silence
By jarrett childers

The silence right now
is louder than anything
its growing so profound
its consuming everything

and i fall depper inside myself
to hide away my feelings
i went to scream out loud
please stop my heart from bleeding

your the only one
who can shout inside my mind
and yet i find you singin,..
la la la la la la la la la

Monday, March 1, 2010

Masked man and me

This song was inspired by all these girls i knew that seemed to fall in love with the wrong guys. So there is a hidden message and i want to see if you can find it so make sure you comment:)

The masked man and me
By jarrett childers

He's the man with no face
but he wears his masks with such grace
it seems natural
for you to fall for him

But beware his wandering eyes
realize that his disguise
is a false one
his games have begun

Im the man who sells the masks
to the faceless fools
and it seems that at last
ive become one too

But my face is still crystal clear
the true side of me is very near
If you are willing to
go and search for it

take my hand and we'll dive
where the waters deep and our sould devide
and ill reach out to you
and ill cry out for you

Im the only one with a face
among these masked disgraces
and i have fallen for you
my soul cries out for you

Im not the man with no face
i dont wear the masks of disgrace
and it seems natural
for me to fall for you