Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Man with no name

Hey! its not a love song:D its kind of a lonesome song with a bit of a religious reference to it. see if you can pick it up.

Man with no name
By jarrett childers
( no music to it yet)

On a dusty road
in a counrty unknown
there is a man
who has always been alone

he wanders that roadway
no one knows where he goes
he is just a lonely beggar
who everyone seems to know

but no one quite knows his name
and no one ever gives him a ride
but with him its not the same
cant you see there is more than what meets the eye

he may be a beggar
but he knows more than me
in reality he is wiser
than i could ever be

he knows the secrets
deep in our hearts
by looking in our eyes
he tells each of us apart

and if any man would pick him up
and help him on his way
the nameless man would lift them up
and help them fly away

Repeat chorus


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