Monday, February 1, 2010

Time and space

This one is more like poem but i went ahead and added a chord combo anyway cuz i felt like it:)

Time and space
By Jarrett Childers

Am, Fmaj7, G, C

I traveled to a place
That halted time and space
And thats where i found you
Your beauty rocked me through and through

And yet you leave me
lying alone
its like you cant see me
im made of stone

i cant cry out
until you loose my lips
with a kiss
with a kiss

I traveled to a place
That sped time and space
thats where i found you
your beauty shocked me through and through

Repeat second verse



  1. I like this one. If you can figure out how to post the music, do it. Can't quite figure out the sound of it. My favorite is the kiss verse. Good job, little bro.