Monday, February 1, 2010


This song is a love song i wrote when a friend of mine said she had sworn off love and i just could beleive her. who can live without love? a life without love is no life at all:) ps: a good portion of my songs are love songs cuz they are my favorite to write:)pss: d/f is a chord i made up but i dont know what its called. its like a D7 but your move the e string down one fret:)

By jarrett childers

You say you have sworn off love
But i dont talke you seriously
Your beauty is from above
Your eyes hold deep in mystery
(same chord pattern for each line)

I can see you smile
My heart flys in the clouds
Ive loved you for a while
But now you give me doubts

How can you feel love
if you dont fall in it?
You say youve had enough
of the hurt and what goes with it


But if you dont give
your heart wings
it will never fly
can i pull some strings
that will make you mine ( this line you dont play on the guitar you just sing)

Chorus repeat



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